Noodle free Lasagna

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Tags: Moderate
Cook Time: 30 min
Cook Temperature: 350 °F
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Ingredient Notes
1. May use 1 lb 96/4 extra lean ground beef or Morning star sausage crumbles
2. For diced tomatoes use 1, 15 oz can diced petite tomatoes with basil & oregano
3. White mushrooms work best and you may use any colored bell pepper
4. Instead of low-fat swiss cheese, use 1 cup (4 oz) lowfat shredded Italian cheese

1. Begin by cooking ground beef in a non-stick pan. When done, drain fat.
2. Chop peppers and mushrooms and brown in same pan as beef. You may want to lightly spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray (10 sprays = 1 condiment choice).
3. Puree can of tomatoes in a blender or food processor.
4. Add ground beef back to the pan with the cooked vegetables and tomatoes. Season with pepper and italian seasoning. Heat through.
5. In a clean non-stick pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray, pour 1/4 cup egg substitute into the pan and swirl. The goal is to use the egg substitute to make a crepe for the noodle like consistency in the lasagna. The crepe should be cooked all the way through.
6. When done, gently loosen it all the way around with a spatuala. Then carefully flip it to the other side.
7. Cook just a few seconds on that side.
8. Repeat steps 5-7 to make a total of 4 crepes.
9. In a 9x9 pan, begin layering your lasagna. Layer the beef/veggie mixture evenly on the bottom, sprinkle with 1/3 of the cottage cheese, 1/4 of the shredded cheese and sprinkle with Parmesan. Then top with a crepe.
10. Repeat to make 3 additional layers and then top with any remaining meat or cheese mixture. Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until cheese is golden brown.

The recipes provides approximately 1 Leaner, 1-3/4 Green, and 1 Condiment per serving.

Nutrition information per serving

  • Calories
  • Protein(g)
  • Carb(g)
  • Fat(g)
  • 342.6
  • 59.6
  • 11.3
  • 6.8

Comments (27)

Ok, so I didn't see romaine lettuce here... Mine didn't look anything like the picture. I tried to make four servings. Perhaps I didn't have enough tomatoes. But, it was very good. I had to add a bit of Ragu for the kids/husband, but they liked it otherwise. This is definitely a make again.

04/16/2014 19:17 PM

I'd probably have to make this one serving at a time cuz it looks YUMMMO! :)

02/17/2014 19:43 PM

This recipe is a must try! It was really really yummy and full of flavor! You can have the cheeses because they are a protein source in this recipe, not a fat. It is combining multiple different sources of proteins to make the equivalent of 1 protein serving.

01/16/2014 15:41 PM

This is one of my favorite recipes so far...I am still a little puzzled however at how I can have the parmesan, swiss cheese, and cottage cheese when I was under the impression that when you use lean ground beef you do not get to use a healthy fat, not that the cheeses and such are a HEALTHY fat, but they are a fat/protein source. I am using 96/4 lean beef, which the recipe implies I can use 8 oz of (6 oz cooked) and so I would think the extra cheeses would not only add more protein in my lean and green, not to mention fat...Can someone please clarify this for me :-) This is soooooo good and is a total comfort food. A MUST try if you love italian!

11/23/2013 17:58 PM

Just wondering what you are supposed to do with the Romaine? This sounds wonderfulul!

11/20/2013 02:40 AM

Fantastic!!! This was so good - it will definitely be a regular go to recipe. Total comfort food. My hubby (not on plan) loved it too :)

11/18/2013 20:32 PM

Just made this. My husband is not on Medifast and he loved it. I did too. Felt I was lasagne. It was great.

11/03/2013 19:09 PM

This was incredible! Thank you for bringing Italian food back into my life! I love how hearty and filling it is...I could hardly eat 1/4th of it!

10/21/2013 21:42 PM

I personally can't stand eggs but decided to give this recipe a try based on all of the rave reviews. SO glad I did!!! It's a great recipe and makes for really nice leftovers.

09/08/2013 08:33 AM

Great dish..would not have thought to use cottage cheese and egg substitute. A real pleaser.

09/04/2013 02:23 AM